Comox Valley Tree Removal Bylaws

If you are planning on removing a tree you need to check with the local district for their requirements.  This can be confusing therefore we have made a quick reference for you:


Courtenay district has a new tree bylaw. Here is a quick summary:

  • If your property is larger than an acre you will require a tree cutting permit
  • If your property is smaller than an acre you may still require a permit.  In fact if you want to remove a protected species such as Garry Oak, Pacific Dogwood, Western White Pine, Pacific Yew, Trembling Aspen and Arbutus you will require a permit. You will also need to check for covenants.
  • They have an interactive map where you can view the number of trees required on your property. This may mean that if you are planning on removing a tree you will need to replant a new tree.

Here is a link to their page:



Comox district requires a tree cutting permit if you are planning on removing a healthy tree.

  • The bylaw does not apply to trees with trunks less than 20cms diameter
  • A tree cutting permit is not required if the tree is deemed to be dead, dangerous or diseased by an arborist. A certified statement from an Arborist is required as proof.
  • The penalty for removing a tree without permission can be up to $2000 per tree.

Here is a link to their bylaw:



The Village of Cumberland does not have a tree bylaw in place. They do have a list of significant trees which is available to view at


As part of our services Tree Craft can assess your trees and provide a written arborist report if required by the district. We are also happy to provide a free visual inspection and guidance on replanting. Please get in touch to book an appointment


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