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tree pruning comox valley

The 6 most common reasons for pruning trees are:

  1. Remove dangerous or dead branches
  2. Reduce storm damage risk
  3. Improve the look of your tree
  4. Increase light in your garden or home
  5. Provide clearance around a building
  6. Prune fruit trees to maximize fruit


Our qualified arborist will work with you to decide on the best approach.

tree pruning comox valley


Crown lifting involves removing the lower limbs of the tree. This can be useful if you need more clearance room underneath the tree for vehicles, you need better visibility or more light.

Crown thinning removes dead branches and branches that are crossing or could run against each other. This helps keep the tree healthy and safe for people and property around the tree.

“Thank you Harvey and crew. Our strata complex is full of mature Crimson King Maples and Hornbeam trees. A wonderful job was done trimming back all the branches back to make it accessible to trucks coming in and out and to stop branches from encroaching towards the buildings. The cleanup was great. They were here at the appointed time, were fast and efficient. I tip my hat off to them!” Geri Anne Pridy


Crown reduction reduces the overall size of the tree canopy by 20-30%.  Considering crown reduction may be of benefit if your tree branches are obstructing buildings or power lines or if the tree is misshapen after a storm or bad pruning.

This can be a great alternative to ‘topping’ a tree.

“Very professional, Harvey did an excellent job, pruning our precious magnolias into pleasing shapes and prolonging their life. All debris was removed and chipped. Appointments were promptly made and followed up. We would definitely have him back for further service.” Yvonne Oldaker


tree pruning comox valley